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Education and qualification

The Vocational Training Center of Euskirchen and the vocational schools in Euskirchen and Kall offer qualification courses that are oriented toward the middle-class economic structure of the district of Euskirchen for the qualification of employees.

Partner for qualification and economic promotion

The Vocational Training Center of Euskirchen (email:  

The Vocational Traiinfobze-euskirchende) has dealt with the promotion of training, retraining, and further qualification of workers since its founding in the year 1971.

The constant introduction of new technologies in specialist qualification corresponded to the increasing demands of the economy in the region. Consequently, the expansion of the Vocational Training Center was continued by its sponsors, the district of Euskirchen, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Aachen (email:  infoaachen.ihkde), and the Aachen Chamber of Handicrafts (email:  

The Vocational Traiinfohwk-aachende).

In addition to the palette of structured training measures offered there, the demand for consulting and training of technology-oriented new business founders and information regarding technology transfer measures are covered by the Technikagentur Euskirchen (TAE GmbH) that was founded in 1994 (email:  

The Vocational Traiinfotae-gmbhde).

TAE pursues the goal of making the existing potential of technological, organizational, and educational knowledge accessible to the local, primarily middle-class economy by means of suitable measures. This goal, which is unique in North Rhine Westphalia, investigates and implements the possibilities of the technology transfer from the large research facilities to the practical level of the local economy.

Education offered in the district of Euskirchen

A prerequisite for a good infrastructure is a broad educational palette. This prerequisite has been fulfilled in the district of Euskirchen. 41 primary schools, 15 secondary schools, 14 special schools, 4 secondary modern schools, 9 grammar schools, 2 vocational schools and 1 comprehensive school cover the demand for education. The district of Euskirchen itself is the promoter of 2 vocational schools, 2 schools for mentally disabled persons, 2 schools for children with behavioral problems, and 1 school for speech disorders.

The two vocational schools have different focuses. Whereas the school in Euskirchen is responsible for technical areas, education in business professions (with 3 exceptions) and in the home economics and catering area is provided at the Vocational College of Eifel in Kall. Vocational schools for economics, including the Higher Vocational School for Economics, are present in both school systems.

At the Thomas-Eßer-Vocational College in Euskirchen, it is possible to receive degrees as state-recognized teachers and state-certified childcare providers. It offers interested individual also the opportunity of further training and education in the form of evening courses. Technical colleges for electrical technology and economics and colleges of further education are part-time. Naturally, it is also possible to attend the college of further education full-time. During the 1995/96 school year, the newly established technical college for machine technology commenced part-time operation for the first time.

Interested parties are given the opportunity to attend vocational schools for nutrition and home economics at the Vocational College of Eifel in Kall. In addition, the technical college for tourism was set up in Kall (email:  

A prerequisite for infowftde), which provides a degree as a state-certified business economist for tourism. This technical college is unique in the Federal Republic of Germany with regard to its goal.

Sports offered in the district of Euskirchen

Sports are important in the district of Euskirchen. People in the area are very enthusiastic about competitive sports and especially popular sports, meaning sports for everyone.
The type, scope, and quality of the palette of sports in the district of Euskirchen are positively influenced and formed by the mutual cooperation of the sports organizations and the municipalities. Around 350 sports clubs, 12 clubs that are organized at the district level, the city and municipality sports clubs, and the district sports association of Euskirchen host events in almost all types of sports, whereas the cities, municipalities, and the district of Euskirchen create the external prerequisites for participating in sports.
The provision of almost 300 sports facilities in the district area and additional material promotion measure make it possible for sports to fulfill teaching, social, and health tasks in the interests of the public.

All important information regarding sports activities, addresses, and contact partners are available free of charge from:

Kreis Euskirchen
53877 Euskirchen
Phone: 02251/15-585

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