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Waste Management

In the area of Waste Management, the district offers waste consulting for private individuals and commercial operations, among other things. The waste consultants answer questions regarding disposal, explain waste law procedures and provide in-formation material. Tours through the Waste Management Center (AWZ) are also offered for interested groups – usually school classes. Monitoring waste law compliance is an additional task of the district. In addition to checking proof documents, this also includes checking businesses on site. A major task is ensuring disposal of all residual waste. Until the middle of 2005, the District operated the Central Landfill of Mechernich for this purpose. Since the closing of the landfill on 05/31/2005, the "Waste Management Center” (AWZ) is located on the grounds of the landfill, to which waste can be delivered. The waste is loaded into large containers at a transfer station and transported to Bonn to the waste incinerating plant.

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