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Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection

In the area of Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection, landscape planning is an important topic, among others. The District is responsible for the creation of landscape plans, in which measures and goals for the protection, maintenance, and development of the landscape are stipulated for the individual areas of each community. The procedure for the creation of these plans is very complicated, as a great number of persons and offices must be involved. Protection of endangered species, another important area, is divided into the protection of native species of plants and animals and monitoring of the sale and keeping of specially protected of-ten exotic species. From the end of 1993 to 2005 the District was also the project sponsor of the large-scale nature conservation project 'Ahr 2000'. In the area of the communities of Blankenheim and Dahlem, numerous measures were implemented here, which primarily dealt with the maintenance and development of the Ahr and its tributaries. In the project area, five beautifully landscaped hiking trails were also marked.

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