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Kreis Euskirchen

Water and Wastewater / Soil Protection and Residual Pollution

Water and Wastewater

In the area of Water and Wastewater, there are a multitude of tasks. The District is responsible for small wastewater treatment plants, for the elimination of rainwater, or for pollution of bodies of water and ground water, for example. The Lower Water Authority is also involved in the authorization procedure for construction plans on bodies of water or in water conservation areas or for the expansion of bodies of water. Those who want to utilize Recycling-Material (RCL) from construction measures in the soil also need the consent of the Water Authority. It is also the contact partner for commercial operations, which treat wastewater in their own plants and/or discharge it into the sewer system. In addition a water law application must be filed for geother-mal heating units. Any form of use of bodies of water – such as water removal from streams – also falls within this area.

Soil Protection and Residual Pollution

In the area of Soil Protection and Residual Pollution, the District of Euskirchen has a special situation: the so-called "lead contamination zone”. In areas of the city of Mechernich and the community of Kall, there are naturally occurring lead deposits in the rocks. As a result, the soil also contains a high level of lead. Measures must be taken to avoid unnecessary spreading of the lead contamination. For example, care is taken to ensure that excavated soil from construction measures in the contaminated areas is not utilized again in uncontaminated areas. In the area of residual pollution, a register of contaminated sites is kept, in which areas with soil contaminants or suspected contaminated areas are listed. Anyone can request information from this list. In addition, the area of Residual Pollution also includes the processing of old deposits (e.g. decommissioned landfills) and old sites (e.g. abandoned industrial op-erations) in regard to averting danger. In addition to checking for possible dangers, this also includes initiating measures for the protection of soil, air, or ground water.

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