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1. District Committee

The district committee plays an important roll as an organ of the district between the district council and the district president. It decides on all matters that are not reserved for the district council by law or district council resolution and are not dealings of the ongoing administration. In addition, it prepares the resolutions of the district council and monitors the business management of the district president.

Various additional committees must be set up due to special laws (such as the youth welfare committee in accordance with the Child and Youth Welfare Act, the landscape advisory committee in accordance with the Landscape Act, the hunting advisory commission in accordance with the State Hunting Act, and the police advisory committee in accordance with the Police Organization Act). Some of these committees have the authority to adjudicate on their own.

In addition, the district council can form additional voluntary committees to prepare its resolutions and to monitor administrative matters, which do not have the authority to adjudicate, however.

2. Obligatory committees

  • District committee
  • Auditing committee
  • Youth welfare committee
  • Police advisory committee
  • Landscape advisory committee
  • Hunting advisory commission
  • Election district committee
  • Committee for election supervision

3. Voluntary committees of the district council

    • Committee for schools, sports, culture, social matters, and health
    • Committee for the promotion of trade, tourism, and the conversion of Vogelsang
  • Committee for planning, the environment, and traffic

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