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Kreis Euskirchen

District council

The parliamentary representation of the district is the district council. The district council members are elected by the citizens of the district who are entitled to vote for the duration of five years. The last election took place on may 25, 2014. The 56 seats are held by the parties as follows:

CDU: 24

SPD: 14

FDP: 8

UWV: 3

Bündnis 90/DIE GRÜNEN: 5

Die Linke: 2

AfD: 3

Tasks of the district council

The district council is responsible for the decisions of the district on matters of principle. These especially include the passing of the local government budget bills and other statutes, the selection of the members of all committees and their representatives, and the selection of the general representative of the district president and the deputy clerk of the district council.

The head of the district council is the district president. The district president fundamentally has the right to vote in the district council. He is represented by two district council members in the direction of the district council meetings and the representation.

Acting district presidents

1st Acting district president: Markus Ramers, SPD, CDU

2nd Acting district president: Dr. Sabine Dirhold, CDU

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