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Kreis Euskirchen

Biography of District president Günter Rosenke

    • Born on 11/21/1950 in Aachen, Roman-Catholic
    • Father: plasterer, Mother: housewife; 5 siblings
    • Married since 1971, 2 adult sons
    • School and education in Aachen
    • 1972 Technical official, Cologne Telecommunications Office (today Telekom)
    • Part-time teaching official of the Cologne Telecommunications School, faculty:  data transfer technology
    • Member of the staff council
    • 1976 to 1980 Chairman of the Deutscher Postverband/DBB for the Cologne Telecommunications Offices
    • 1975 to 1994 Member of the examination board for the telecommunications trade and telecommunications electronics technicians
    • 1975 Member of the CDU
    • 1976 Chairman of the Junge Union; Member of the JU-district management board
    • 1979 Member of the council of the municipality of Weilerswist
    • 1980 to 1989 Executive director and acting parliamentary party chairman of the CDU-local council parliamentary party, chairman of various specialized committees (structural inspection, planning inspection, road inspection, and auditing)
    • 1989 to 1994 District council delegate, acting mayor, executive director of the CDU-district council parliamentary party of Euskirchen
    • 1994 District president of the district of Euskirchen
    • 1999 Full-time district president of the district of Euskirchen
  • 2004 Reelected as full-time district president of the district of Euskirchen

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