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Kreis Euskirchen

Portrait of the district president Günter Rosenke

Günter Rosenke has been the district president of the district of Euskirchen since 1994. He was elected as the full-time district president on September 12, 1999 and re-elected on September 26, 2004 in the first voting with an absolute majority. It was very clear: Günter Rosenke is close to the people, a district president "you can touch".

In his introduction for the editorial of the district administration of Euskirchen that appeared at the end of 2001, he stated: "The citizen is the central focus of all efforts. We want to react to his needs in a more unbureaucratic, flexible, and customer-friendly manner than ever before". Under his direction, the organizational structure of the district administration was modernized. The management levels were reduced and streamlined. The responsibilities are clearer and more understandable for the citizens. This allowed citizens’ initiatives and decisions to be accelerated. Günter Rosenke stressed that the restructuring of the district administration into a service company is only possible because the employees support the process with a high level of acceptance and motivation. The personnel development concept that was only recently begun will further accelerate the restructuring process.

As a former Telekom technician, Günter Rosenke is a consistent advocate of new media and the Internet. He ardently pushed the expansion of the new information and communication technologies. In the future, many services of the district will be available "online” for the citizens, but also for industry, under the term "eGovernment".

Within the scope of the municipal restructuring in 1972, the new district of Euskirchen that was formed from the old districts of Schleiden and Euskirchen was added to the administrative and economic region of Aachen. Together with his fellow district presidents from the districts of Düren, Aachen, and Heinsberg and the mayor of the City of Aachen, district president Günter Rosenke works toward promoting the economic development of this region.

However, he also maintains intensive communication and cooperation with his colleagues from the neighboring districts and autonomous cities of the economic region of Cologne/Bonn. Especially because industry and middle-class trades are primarily active in the areas of Cologne and Bonn. The large streams of commuters in these congested urban areas also illustrate the strong connection between the Rhine area and the district of Euskirchen.

An active economic and job market policy and a traffic policy that takes into account the needs of the rural areas are among the important fields of political action of district president Rosenke.
In numerous company tours, he gets to know the problems and worries of entrepreneurs firsthand. This knowledge is used in his successful work in the economic and structural policy of the district. Particular attention is paid to the mid-sized companies, especially the trade companies. They are of key importance for the future of the district of Euskirchen. For this reason, he set up the office of middle-class delegate, which supports the middle-class economy in many official application processes, for this target group shortly after his election as the full-time district president.

With 1.250 km² with approx. 193.200 inhabitants, the district of Euskirchen is one of the more lightly populated districts in Rhine-Westphalia. For this reason, public transportation in conjunction with private vehicles has an important role. This is especially true for the large commuter connections in the congested urban areas of the Rhine area. District president Günter Rosenke consistently supports the expansion and strengthening of the public transportation system by means of his traffic policy. His campaign slogan is: "Wherever it is possible and economically feasible, timetables must be optimized, networks must be expanded, and abandoned stretches must be reactivated." Parts of the district of Aachen, the district of Düren, and especially the district of Euskirchen form the North Rhine-Westphalian Eifel. In this part of the region of Aachen, the tourism branch is an important economic factor. The current cross-state meetings with the Eifel districts in Rhineland-Palatinate for an overall marketing of the Eifel are fervently supported by district president Rosenke. "The Eifel will only gain an independent, unforgettable image among potential guests when it is marketed as a whole", is the opinion of the district president. There is an active art, cultural, and sporting life in the district. Many citizens in the district volunteer in clubs and associations. They promote the general welfare and are the trademark of the region. District president Günter Rosenke therefore considers the promotion of art, culture, sports, and volunteering as one of his most important tasks. District president Günter Rosenke is particularly proud of the title "bicycle-friendly district of Euskirchen" that was bestowed on 03/05/2002. This made the district of Euskirchen only the second district in North Rhine-Westphalia to be accepted into the "Association of bicycle-friendly cities and communities in NRW". As the manager of the district police office of Euskirchen, he considers the country-wide initiative of the "police partnerships”, which have brought all responsible government offices and institutions as well as committed citizens to the table, to be a step in the right direction. District president Günter Rosenke is a driven, dynamic man of action who has made his campaign slogan "together to the goal” not only the new motto of the district of Euskirchen, but also his own personal motto.

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