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Kreis Euskirchen

District president and acting district presidents

Function of the district president

Political area
The district president is elected every 5 years by the citizens of the district (after 2009: every 8 years). He is the head of the district council and the district committee, but is not a member of them. He determines the agenda and leads the meetings. The district president is a political representative of the district of Euskirchen. If he cannot attend, the acting district presidents that were selected by the district council perform his duties in this area (see below).

Administrative area
Since the change of the municipal constitution and the municipal election of 1999, the district president is now also the head of the district administration. As the full-time district president he also performs the duties of the former senior deputy clerk of the district council. These include:

  • Conducting the business of the ongoing administration as well as distribution of business in the district administration
  • Preparation and implementation of the resolutions of the district council and district committee
  • legal representation of the district in legal and administrative dealings
  • Handling of all tasks assigned to him due to legal regulations in matters of the district

Here, his work for the district of Euskirchen is his primary responsibility.
In addition, the state of Land North Rhine-Westphalia can utilize him for its own tasks as a part of the so-called "lending of the district president as administrative organ to another public authority" (municipal organ).
The district president then acts as a "lower state administrative office". As such, he is especially responsible for general supervision and special supervision of the communities forming part of the district and performs all tasks that the lower state administrative office must perform in accordance with the law.
In an additional function, the district president is the head of the district police office in accordance with the provisions of the Police Organization Act of NRW and also performs tasks of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia here.
In addition, the district president is responsible for the execution of state orders in matters handled upon request.
If he is incapacitated, his general representative will perform all of these administrative tasks.

District president of the district of Euskirchen
Günter Rosenke has been the district president of the district of Euskirchen since 1994. After performing this office in an honorary capacity, he was elected as the first full-time district president of the district Euskirchen in 1999. In the year 2004, he was re-elected for an additional 5 years as the head of the administration and the political representative of the district.


Acting district presidents (honorary)

1st acting district president:
Josef Carl Rhiem (CDU)

2nd acting district president:
Hans Schmitz (SPD)

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