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Kreis Euskirchen

The District of Euskirchen - Eifel region

Rolling hills and mountains up to 650 metres, deep valleys and a wealth of forests and lakes distinguish the Eifel as one of the most beautiful low mountain landscapes in Germany. Large parts of the District of Euskirchen lie within the German-Belgian National Park. Here you can experience a journey through history, culture, leisure and recreation. The Eifel landscape offers everyone what they want and like. Hiking without baggage... on the steep track of the Eifel on old paths through the medieval centre of the village of Blankenheim, crowned by its castle, and the castle estates of Wildenburg and Reifferscheid.

Guided weekend walks offer you views of the varied landscape, as well as of the economic culture of the Eifel. Accompany us on visits to a bee-keeper, a cheese dairy, a working farm or forestry operation. Or start from Blankenheim, the source of the river Ahr, in the famous Ahr valley. Here Ahr Burgundy flourishes, one of the finest German red wines. Or go on a guided tour of historical mines, which tell the history of over 2000 years of ore mining, including the establishment of the mining museums and mines open to visitors in the District of Euskirchen.

Fun in the Eifel's Waters

There is plenty of water in the District of Euskirchen. Streams, rivers, lakes and valley dams shape the landscape, re-shaping it every day and providing space for a variety of recreational activities or quietly enjoying nature in the fresh air. To name a few examples: Kronenburger Lake, which is especially suitable for families with children who enjoy swimming, Freilinger Lake, in the middle of nature with a camp-site nearby, Olef Reservoir, with its massive dam is unique in Germany (a guided tour of the inside is possible if pre-booked), Zülpich Water Sports Lake, very popular among sailors and wind-surfers.

A Variety of Castles with a view into the past

Experience the unique spectacle of jousting knights at Satvey Castle, its medieval market with traveling entertainers and minstrels. Embark on a journey into the past through the German landscape with the largest number of castles. Cycling in the Castle Landscape of Euskirchen with over 50 castles. Nowhere else can you find so many historical buildings concentrated in an area the size of Euskirchen District. Get acquainted with the beautiful landscape and its medieval treasures on over 500 km. of cycle-paths, all well signposted. Or take your bicycle on the tour of castles with moats. This tour connects the most picturesque castles with moats on a 350 km. route from the Rhenish Bucht, along the fringe of the Eifel, to the cultural towns of Cologne, Bonn and Aachen.

On the Trail of the Romans

In the Urft valley we can guide you to the traces and routes of the old Roman roads, to the ancient Roman aqueduct route between Trier and Cologne and other relics of the Roman era. The village of Nettersheim, our "Federal capital of nature and environmental conservation", awaits you with its exceptional features in geology, archaeology, culture, nature and landscape, with extensive and interesting discovery-tours. Visit the Nature Reserve Center, the monuments, walk along adventure paths and find your personal lucky charm on the fossil-field.

Vacations & Eifel Delicacies

As Guests of Friends: Vacation on a Farm... pure relaxation!
Say goodbye to your daily routine for a while! Discover a vacation in the country and get to know life on a farm. You will get your share of fresh air, whether at the birth of foals, potato harvest, fruit-press, picking apples, baking bread, or moving logs.T here are interesting programs available on farms, whose quality is controlled. Children are always welcome.

Eifel Delicacies - a pleasure for body and soul
You can get to know and love typical Eifel food and drink. Whatever comes out of the kitchen and cellar is grown naturally and served in the tradition of skilled family businesses as regional specialities. Enjoy products like Eifel country beer, herbal specialities such as Eifelgeist or Els, liqueurs and Eifel honey or game dishes. Call in on the farms where their products are sold directly, or visit our farmers' markets.

Museum Landscape - the District of Euskirchen presents its history

Embark on a journey of discovery through museums. Eifel Art Classic and more... Under this name a variety of cultural events have joined together, whose significance extends way beyond the region. Churches, monasteries, castles, historical ruins and theatres become the scene of interesting cultural events. Classical and modern music, cabaret and painting, as well as other arts are given new inspiration through EifelART. Historical locations are imbued with new meaning - more than a mere backdrop.

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