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Freilingen Lake, Blankenheim

Freilingen lake lies in a valley surrounded by extensive forests and meadows. The natural charm of this little forest lake is enhanced by large open meadows, on which visitors can relax, and by groups of bushes. Moreover, the lake is fed directly from a fresh-water spring.In a protected area, great crested grebes live and breed.

  • Recreational Activities
    Swimming/bathing at your own risk, no lifeguard
    Large sunny meadows to lie on, with little shade
    Water sports: wind-surfing, rowing, canoeing, sports and beach angling (for trout, carp, perch, pike, roach) - the necessary permits are available at the lake kiosk (except angling cards), or from the tourist office in Blankenheim
    Crazy golf
    Two barbecue installations, for hire from the tourist office in Blankenheim
    Hiking trails, with a car-park and map-board showing the trails, and a path with educational signposts.
    Camp site near the lake, pitches for hire from Campinganlage Freilinger See, Tel. +49 2697 / 282.

  • Facts and Data
    The Freilingen reservoir has existed since 1976 and is fed directly from a fresh-water spring. The lake was created to store rainwater and to provide tourist facilities. The area of the lake's surface covers 11 hectares and has a catchment area of about 5 sq.metres. The dam is 25 metres high, 115 metres wide at the foot and 9.5 metres wide at the crown, with a length of approx. 500 metres. The deepest part of the lake is 10 metres. The capacity of the lake is 0.73 million cubic metres.

Further information:
Tourist Office Blankenheim
Rathausplatz 16
53945 Blankenheim

  • Tel. +49 2449 / 8333


Kronenburg Lake, Dahlem

Kronenburg Lake offers a variety of leisure and recreation activities in addition to the national park landscape surrounding the upper Kyll valley.

  • Recreational Activities
    Bathing beach with children's paddling pool, large meadow to lie on, playground, sandy beach, changing cabins and showersLeisure complex: crazy golf, children's playground, tennis courts and bowls
    Water sports: sailing, wind-surfing, rowing, canoeing and angling (for trout, carp, tench, perch, pike, roach, eels). The necessary permits are available from the dam keeper and at the lake terrace kiosk. Pedal boats can be hired on site.
    Well-fitted barbecue shack directly at the lake, can also be hired.
    Hiking trail around the lake and in the vicinity.

  • Facts and Data
    The dam was built between 1973 and 1976 and serves to hold back the annual high water from the Kyll, mainly in spring when the river banks are at risk. The high water reservoir includes a main and fore-dam; the main dam stands about 200 metres west of Kronenburghütte and the fore-dam is 300 metres below the confluence of the Taubkyll and the Kyll. The volume of water held back amounts to a total of 2.7 million cubic metres, of which 2.1 is accounted for by the main dam and 0.6 by the fore-dam. In order to increase the volume of water available, in winter the normal water depth is held at 3.5 metres lower than in summer, when the lake serves as a recreation area for water sports and relaxation. The main dam is made of stone and earth, 320 metres long with a maximum height of 18 metres above the lake bed. In summer the lake covers an area of 27 hectares and holds nearly 2.7 million cubic metres. At itst deepest point the lake is 10 metres deep.

Further information
Tourist Office Oberes Kylltal
Burgberg 22
54589 Stadtkyll

Tel.: +49 6597/2878


Neffelsee Nature Reserve Lake, Zuelpich-Geich

Neffelsee near Zuelpich is a nature reserve lake covering about 70 hectares, which resulted from open-cast mining. Water sports like swimming, boating, wind-surfing, sailing and diving are prohibited here. On the other hand, visitors have the opportunity to walk around the lake to relax and observe nature in the middle of a well-developed plant-world, in which a variety of waterfowl now live.

Further information
Tourist Office Zuelpich
Rathaus, Markt 21
53909 Zülpich

Tel.: +49 2252/52279

Olef Valley Dam, Hellenthal

  • Recreational Activities
    The Olef dam stands in the middle of a magnificent forest. Around the lake there is a 13 km. long trail, well constructed for hikers and cyclists. It offers wonderful views and insights. Moreover, it is easy to hike to the nearby Free Game Reserve. No bathing or water sports are allowed, because the reservoir is used for drinking water.

  • Facts and Data
    The Olef dam was built for the further improvement of high water protection and comparative flow moderation, as well as to create a central drinking water supply in the Olef / Urft area. Moreover, it serves to ensure an optimal drinking water supply for the growing economic areas of Dueren and Aachen, together with reservoirs there. Finally, it is used for hydro-electric power. In the summer of 1965 the Olef dam was inaugurated as the only dam built according to the pillar-cells method. 16 blocks (pillars) form the valley barrier, independently of each other, which is 182 metres long at the crown. The tallest pillar is 58.7 metres high. Apart from at both ends, all the blocks are hollow. On the water side a round concrete shield absorbs the pressure, which is then transferred through side plates to the rocky outcrops. As cracks appeared when the concrete was poured, costly reinforcement measures were necessary before its inauguration. A second reinforcement was carried out between 1982 and 1985. The dam wall is 55 metres high. The capacity of the drinking water reservoir amounts to nearly 20 million cubic metres, when full its surface area is 105 hectares. The lake lies at 465.5 metres above sea-level. Every year up to 4.5 million cubic metres of drinking water are supplied to the south-west part of the District of Euskirchen.

It is possible to go on a guided tour of the dam by appointment. Moreover, the Oleftal Waterworks, Hellenthal, Olefstrasse 31, offers guided tours through the drinking water purification plant (bookings only in advance, tel. +49 2482 / 950035).

Further information
Wasserverband Eifel-Rur
Postfach 10 25 64
52325 Düren

Tel.: +49 2421/4941541

Steinbach Valley Dam, Euskirchen-Kirchheim

The Steinbach valley dam lies in the middle of a forest above Kirchheim.

  • Recreational Activities
    Open-Air lido, separate from the reservoir, with pools for swimmers, non-swimmers and children to paddle, including a 30-metre long slide, also separate from the reservoir. Large sunny lawn for sunbathing, with some shady spaces. Angling in the reservoir area. Playground for children, street-basketball field and crazy golf.
    Barbecue shack, for hire from Euskirchen town administration, tel. +49 2251 / 140.
    3 km hiking trail around the reservoir with educational sign-posted path.
    Bathing and water sports are prohibited in the area of the reservoir.

  • Facts and Data
    The Steinbach valley drinking water dam was built from 1934 to 1936, and thoroughly renovated between 1988 and 1990. The catchment area from the Steinbach to the dam is 14.5 The reservoir covers 14.6 hectares and is 17.4 metres deep at its deepest point. The contents of 1 million cubic metres of water are replaced twice annually by inflow. The damage done during 1941/42 and 1943/44 to the dam and high water tower was repaired at great expense. When two cracks in the lane on the right dam crown occurred, erosion in the clay core was rectified, while breaches of up to 4 metres were found. Because further erosion could not be ruled out, a two year renovation of the dam was undertaken from August 1988 to June 1990.

Further information
Wasserversorgungsverband Euskirchen-Swisttal
Roitzheimer Str. 5
53879 Euskirchen

Tel.: +49 2551/8270

Urft Valley Dam

Unspoilt nature and a historical dam surround the Urft valley reservoir. Because the dam is located inside the "Vogelsang" military training area, it can only be visited at weekends. It can be reached via the K 7 from Gemuend-Malsbenden, from the Kermeter car-park, or from Einruhr through the forest to the Urft valley dam. It is also possible to travel on a pleasure steamer along the upper lake.

  • Facts and Data
    The unfavourable water situation - danger from high water, balancing out irregular water supply and improving flow during times of little rain - at the lower reaches of the river Rur around the turn of the century, led to the building of a valley dam to improve the situation. The dam was built between 1900 and 1905. At the time of its inauguration the Urft dam was the largest in Europe. Today it is managed in association with the Olef valley dam and the Rur valley dam Schwammenauel. In 1980 the stability and working order of the wall was examined, and was given a clean bill. For the long-term monitoring of stability a construction program was established, which above all included the production of a control-system. This construction began in 1994. The rainfall area in question is 375 The heavyweight dam wall is 58 metres high and 50.5 metres wide at the foot. The reservoir has a capacity of 45.5 million cubic metres. The dam is bowed on the water side, which is reinforced by a 2.5 cm. thick layer of concrete, and is 226 metres long. Vertical drainages, consisting of ceramic pipes 60 mm. in diameter at intervals of 2.5 metres, are intended to divert water from penetrating the wall.

A guided tour of the dam is possible by appointment.

Further information
Tourist Office Schleidener Tal e. V.
Tel.: +49 2444/2011

Water Sports Lake, Zuelpich

The lake lies in the Zuelpich Börde, on the fringe of the Cologne Bucht, south-west of Zuelpich.

  • Regular swimming season: 15th May till 30th September, daily from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.. Recreational Activities
    Bathing beach with lifeguard and large lawn for sunbathing. Public open-air lido with pools for swimmers, non-swimmers, protected children's area.

  • Water sports:
    wind-surfing, sailing, canoeing, angling - the necessary permits are available at the beach ticket-office. Holders of fishing licences can obtain permit-cards at the Angling Association in Zuelpich. Regular wind-surfing regattas, organized by the local wind-surfing club. Short hiking trail around the lake, further hiking and cycling trails in the vicinity.

  • Facts and Data:
    The lake resulted from open-cast coal mining. It covers an area of 85 hectares and is 62 metres deep at its deepest point.

Further information
Tourist Office
Rathaus, Markt 21
53909 Zülpich

Tel.: +49 2552/52279

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